Who is attending GraphConnect2020?

Hello Everyone,

I will be attending GraphConnect2020 happening in New York this year. I am flying from Belgium. I just wanted to ask if anyone here is also joining from GraphConnect2020.

Looking forward to know more about Neo4j and meet interesting people :slight_smile:

so excite :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will be there ;-). Flying from Amsterdam

great! hope to see you there :slight_smile:

Flying from Berlin and speaking this year too :-).
Looking forward to meet everyone!

I'll be there too! This is my first time to NYC, what are people doing for travel to & from the airport? Taxi, metro, Uber? How much time when I depart should I plan to take to get from Manhattan to JFK and through security?

Any travel tips people may have would be welcome.

great! looking forward for your talk :)

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Regarding transportation from airport, seems like that they have good transportation, so first I will check for the public transport. In worst case I will take Uber.
This is my first time too in NYC. I am staying few days extra after the conference for tourism.

Hi @suryagupta08 I am final year student from IIT(ISM) Dhanabad.I want to present my thesis on Graph Database in GraphConnect2020 and deeply interested to attain this event. Is there any financial aid for student ?