Repository Save/Find Depth

Are the depth fields going to be reintroduced to the Repository objects?

i.e. Ojbect object, int depth)

Or is there a newer, cooler way of facilitating this that I am not aware of?

Currently there is no plan to introduce this feature 1:1 like it was before:
Save would save all reachable nodes from the object(s) that should get persisted.
For relationships that do not form some kind of cycle, load will currently load all modelled data with infinitive depth. If it hits a combination of (:StartType)-[:RelType]->(:EndType) more than the currently introduced virtual limit of 5, the query creation will stop for this "branch".
The limit right now is fixed and we are still evaluating how to make it configurable and where we can improve the logic. We already found some edge-cases where a (real bad) modelling could either put a lot of load on the database or not returning all wanted relationships. After we found the right balance there we would probably look into the configuration of the depth.
I think that the differentiation between the not repeated relationships and the one "running in circles" could really improve the usage and hopefully lowers the need for a query-specific depth.

Does it consider RELATIONSHIP direction at all?

It would be cool if there was a way to describe common subgraphs in the data. I don't know how you would achieve this via annotations. I guess Queries will have to be customized to get exactly what you want from a subgraph structure.

I think that it does make perfect sense to save based on the depth of the object being saved.