Plans for bolt+routing for external access to neo4j cluster

This is not so much a question about how to do something, more a question about how are things going to evolve in the futur.
Right now, accessing a causal cluster deployed with kubernetes is complicated. The difficulties I encountered while doing this are related to the bolt protocol.

The first difficult is to make the bolt protocole go through an Ingress. With the nginx ingress controller this is not possible and the ingress controller must be by passed. The Neo4j Browser must be connected directly to the load balancer through a port opened for it. It means that for each cluster another port must be opened. [Quick Edit] I did not stress the fact that by passing the ingress controller makes it difficult to use TLS.

The second difficulty is related to the protocol bolt+routing. Even after solving the previous difficulty one will face the problem of accessing the master node in order to run write operations. For this I haven't found a proper solution so far. When running Kubernetes with a Kubernetes provider, I have no control over my nodes IPs so I can't use a NodePort. I have to use a LoadBalancer.

The question : how are things going to evolve ? Is there plans to make the bolt protocol more friendly with orchestrations tools such as K8s ?