Neosemantics with Neo4j V4


Following some investigation into upgrading from V3 to V4, am I correct in my conclusion that there is not yet a version of Neosemantics that can run in a V4 database?

And if so, are there any timescales for an update?

Many thanks,

ps This is the kind of error I am seeing using the latest jar file.

CALL semantics.importRDF(...)

Failed to invoke procedure semantics.importRDF: Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 'org.neo4j.graphdb.schema.Schema org.neo4j.graphdb.GraphDatabaseService.schema()'

Hi Simon, you're right. Unfortunately we are a bit behind schedule on neosemantics for v4.
We are introducing some breaking changes and want to make sure they're all in the first v4 release.
My expectation is that it'll be out in the next 2-3 weeks (around 15 Feb).



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Hi JB,

Many thanks for your swift response. I shall look out for the new version.


Hi Simon and Jesus,

Thanks for starting this thread. I too am interested in using the new version of neosemantics which will work with v4 Neo4j. Do you think Feb. 15 is still the estimated release date?

Very excited to get to use it!


Me too i am intereseted in a V4 Version of neosemantics

Well, as you can see the initial objective of the 15th Feb was not met :( but we're working hard to get the 4.0 release out asap. The good news is we're very close.
I'm hoping that the changes introduced will significantly simplify the use of neosemantics and also make it more consistent. Watch this space...

PS: We're also preparing a training at GraphConnect NYC on using RDF with Neo4j. Check it out here.

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