Neo4j help to make relation

I want to get the realtion a_number called b_number

but the duplicate values should be deleated
example 07122 ---> called 07133
07133 ----> called 07122

it should only have 07122 ---> called 07133

and the other thing is only starting with "071"______ are taken all the other numbers are not taken eg:- "077" , "072", "022"

Note the a_number contain only numbers that are starting with "071"
but the b_number has various different numbers and "071" too

Any specific logic on which you want only
07122 - [called] -> 07133
and not include
07133 - [called] -> 07122


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I want build the relation to the 1st row a_number called b_number
& it must be applied to all row

can i have new table which is having a_number called b_number

Please can I have any contact information Sir/Madam so i can explain you well

I'm an undergraduate student who is doing a project.
thank you,

I tried something below
Match(n:Num)--(m:Num) where'071.' and'071.' return n,m

On Dataset
n_number, b_number

Above Match will fulfill your one requirement. However you need to throw more light on your other requirement

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