Multiple Properties vs Multiple Nodes

Hello !
I am trying to create a new database that will contain how similar certain things are.
It seems that around 25- 30% of my nodes will be 100% similar.
So I was wondering whether it would be more efficient performance wise to instead group them to single nodes. For example, instead of having 50 - 100 nodes of 100% similarity have 1 node that has all of the 100% similar objects as properties values.

If these nodes have similar properties and **they possess same label ** then logically they are same .
There is no reason to not merging them

Did you create the database already or are you planning to create a new database? Depending on that I can suggest ways to address this situation.Let mew know.

I am creating a new database.
The object itself is the same however I need to make note of the origin of the object.
This is the value I thought I could just add as a property.
However, this will mean I will have a list in the "origin" property. Will this still be ok ?
Can I search nodes and ask for all object with a certain origin if they are in a list inside a property ?