M2.neo4j.org repository returning 500 errors

I have a project that depends on the neo4j-rest-graphdb artifact hosted in the m2.neo4j.org Nexus repository. That repository is returning 500 errors to requests for artifacts. Please have someone have a look, as it's breaking my build. Thanks!

What artifacts are you looking for exactly?

Thanks for the reply.

The artifact is org.neo4j.neo4j-rest-graphdb version 1.9. This is for a legacy project running an old version of neo4j, but I don't have the resources to update it. I noticed that some artifacts such as neo4j-kernel version 1.9 are available in the "Maven Central" repository (repo1.maven.org), but I'm not entirely clear on how to get the one I need added to it. Any help would be appreciated.

Here's the entry in my pom file:


m2.neo4j.org has been retired. neo4j-rest-graphdb had some dependencies disallowing us to deliver it to maven central, therefore it used to live in a custom repo. Not that neo4j-rest-graphdb has not seen any updates for > 5 years and I strongly discourage anyone to use it.

However if you still want to use it I recommend to clone https://github.com/neo4j-contrib/java-rest-binding, check out the matching branch/tag and build it yourself and deploy it to your local maven repo via mvn install.

OK, well thanks for the help. Maybe one day I'll get around to moving off of it.