Looking for speakers, presenters, and ideas

Hello to all those in and around the DC metro area. I am the organizer for the GraphDB DC meetup. I am always looking for individuals who may be willing to present on a project or topic, or even who just has some ideas of something cool they would like to do.

Additionally, it is currently just me, myself, and I running this meetup. If you are interested in helping me plan and organize please reach out.


Hi Michael,
I'm not in the area. I'm in Knoxville, TN, but I travel to the area a few times a year for business. If conditions/timings work out, I'd be interested in presenting there some time. I work for Discovery (TV) and we use Neo4J at the core of a large media inventory system.

Kansas City Graph Databases Meetup is working on an educational workshop aimed at middle school or upper elementary grades. I'd be happy to share our content once we have it put together.

If anyone is passing through Kansas City, we'd love to put you on our schedule to speak here too!


Please do reach out. That sounds very cool. I know I would love to learn more. What kind of lead time do you usually get for your trips to the area?


Wow! That sounds awesome. I would love to see what you put together. I imagine you could use some graph-theory based games to help teach things too.

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That's our hope. As we get farther along I'll start posting ideas.

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Sometimes up to 6 weeks notice sometimes as little as a few days. I'll let you know as soon as I know my next trip that has some notice to it.

Excellent! I appreciate it. And if a trip is ever too short notice I would love to possibly just meetup and talk graphs in person too!

Hi Michael. I started a new thread about the educational workshop over here. Youth workshops on graphs

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