Introduce yourself here.. inviting all Malaysian Neo4jnistas to join

Hi there,

Greetings from Vignes. I would like to invite all Malaysian Neo4j enthusiasts, users, experts, Ninjas and effectively anyone to join an introduce yourself here. We would like setup a community here to be able to share our ideas and support one another at a local perspective.

So join in and introduce yourself.

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I am shahrul from Kuala Lumpur and I have been working as developer for more than 12 years now. Not really an expert in neo4j but really interest in learning it. Come across neo4j while researching for NoSQL databases. I am interested to learning more for this community and hopefully will be able to contribute back one day. Cheers!

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Welcome to the group. You can view other areas of the community to see what’s going on and get help as well. Feel free to interact.

Hello there...I'm using Neo4j to explore knowledge graphs :-) Mostly using Neo4j+py2neo. I'm a microelectronics engineer cum data scientist.

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Hi Wong,

Welcome to the group. Let’s make this active. And share some great stuff that’ll make a difference.

I am also looking at knowledge graphs but probably a different domain.

Sure thing...will share interesting findings when I encounter it...may not be using graph all the time though. What are your use models? I'm mostly crawling info from web, create graph via python and use cypher with apoc to explore the graph.

Hey all! Howie here. Presently integrating Neo4j into our solution stack for the region's mobility sector; pathfinding algorithms and all that good stuff. Glad to see Neo4j gaining some traction here in Malaysia!

Interesting what you're doing with graph, Howie!

Why not meetup during the Global Graph Celebration Day. If it’s not too confidential we could have a slot for you to share your journey and benefits using Neo4j.

I’m hosting an event in KL so do join in.


M: +6019-6011148

Yo brother.
Nice one and hopefully the community can grow stronger. WIll support you.

Btw, to all Neos out there, I'm haszeli, an experienced software engineer, technical team lead and being doing many things using many tools and languages :slight_smile:

When and where is the event, Vignes?

Visit Under the event list look for Malaysia KL.

You can RSVP there.


M: +6019-6011148

Cool...btw for others who haven't signed up, there may be a very nice t-shirt awaiting :-)