I'm Jasper Blues

Hola, I'm Jasper.

I actually live in SE Asia, however I visit Melbourne fairly often, because I lead a tech team for a fintech company, which has R&D operations in Melbourne.

I've set up a few companies and projects in Melbourne, with Neo4j. These include Vampr, the social network for musicians and music lovers. It incubated in Melbourne, before moving base to Los Angeles. More recently I helped a sporting company, that offers a social hub from the grassroots community level through to the professional televised matches. Again, Neo4j is at the heart of this.

I was a past contributor to Spring Data Neo4j and created the official sample applications for using SDN with Kotlin over on Neo4j examples.

Recently I created a driver that allows you to create highly scaleable, well architected Neo4j-powered apps with Node.js and TypeScript. It is called https://drivine.org, and I'll presented a Webinar on that next week.

Nice to meet (or reconnect) with you!