How to create dynamic nodes by using django and angularjs

I want to create dynamic nodes by using angularjs and django.How can I do this?

Hi @naveenpython02, please more explain what do you mean using create dynamic nodes. Please give your examples or similar solutions and after this we probably can help you resolve your problem.

By using AngularJS we are creating labels with tree structure,for this when ever we create any new label from front end by using AngularJs, that label should be create as a node in neo4j database dynamically, same like that if we create sub-labels(sub-nodes) under main label(main tree node) so dynamically it should create nodes in neo4j database.And we want to implement in Django + Python.

  1. How to interact with AngularJs with Neo4j for dynamically create nodes in new4j database from front end(with label names)

2.Can we us ORM queries (Django+Python)

Please let me know.