Hi! I'm the Neo4j Community Manager who lives in Philly!

I am the Program Manager for Neo4j's developer community. While I travel quite often, my homebase is in Philly. I work out of Indy Hall. Feel free to reach out and say hello! :)


Hi Karin! Thanks for creating the Philly Community Groups. Yeah, you definitely travel too much. I haven't seen you in the Hall in months!

Ok I'm going to try post more on the community forms and figure this site out.


Hi Karin,

I am a graduate student in University City and have been working on a project with Neo4j, instructed to use GraphAware plugins and have hit a wall-I am almost finshed with the Intro to Neo4j Graph Academy training, but my project is much more complex than that. Do you have any recommendations for where I can go to for help? Nice to meet you and please keep me in the loop for the group-there are about 25 students working on the project and I'm sure many of us would like to be involved in a local community :slight_smile:


Hi Mike!
You can post specific technical questions on the community site. There are different categories depending on what it is about. What kind of project is it?

CC: @jess

Hey I'm in South Jersey and am looking for a NEO4J Dev to work with. Doesn't have to be a local dev, but I figured I'd try here first since it's in my backyard. Have a production application already using an older version of NEO4J set up by others that needs an upgrade and additional work. I normally find talent on Upwork but it's harder to find for this specific skill. Best candidate would ideally be one comfortable working on Azure Hosting and also familiarity working with PHP-based APIs.