GGCD 2020: Organising an event .. what next?

Hi there!
(cc: @karin.wolok )

I've got a room organised at the university and have got permission from my fellow python user group organisers to allow me to hijack the user group for this event.

I'm just wondering what the next steps might be to organise an a special Global Graph Celebration Day 2020 event in my city from my Neo4J community point of view? Do I add it anywhere else except here?

I tried the URL in the email but I can't figure out how to interact with it:

We're excited for the event and want to be able to give people plenty of notice about the details.

Warm and kind regards from Canberra, Australia!
Elena Williams

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Hi Elena!
Did you get the email I sent out yesterday? I will try again to send it to you. It has the guidelines for what you will need to organize. :slight_smile:

Thank you Karin! I just got it. I can't believe I missed the earlier email!

We're really excited for the event! :blush:

Hi Karin,

We've put our event online and put it out to our community and had a bunch of responses already :blush:

I've been playing with the graph at ( ), we're on the Event List and I've sent the link here out and I'm confident responses are coming in now.

I just was wondering if we there's anything else we can do to confirm that we're all good*? Whatever happens I'm confident we'll have a lovely time if I can share with the group how lovely it is playing with graphed data!

Hopefully there aren't more people in the community based in Canberra that have missed the message!

*I can't seem find us in the big graph -- which is totally fair, I completely understand that it can be a ton of work to get these tings organised and that I didn't spend a huge amount of time exploring the graph and may have missed us.

I think @William_Lyon is setting it up so you should see it all soon! I do see the RSVPs coming in!
On our end, we plan to send another email to our developer community once there are more local events listed on the site. :wink:

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