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Hello everyone!
Not sure if this is the correct section of the forum to address this issue, but I know from here on I will have all the help I need.
I am developing a system, and would like to use Neo4j to be my graphos oriented bank.
I need your help on the following topics:
The system in question is being developed using Visual Studio, C # language. What I wish?
I want to create my own user interface, the data will be handled in Neo4j and presented on Desktop and Mobile in my graphical user interface.

I saw that did something similar.
I have no idea how to get started. Which way should I go to achieve this goal?

Thank you,

Aline Mansur,

Hi, Aline.
Maybe I dont understand a question and then my answer would be an obvious, but you probably need to choose design of your application + technology stack first.
Doing a classic 3 layers app with .net c# you most probably will work on API serverside with bolt connection to neo4j using .net driver
There are several options of .net drivers. If you building a WebAPI you still can go with WebAPI or REST API or GraphQL. Client side UI with a graph visualization part can be build choosing from a various js graph-aware rendering libraries

And for sure first you should start with pick of concrete UI framework as a baseline: React, Angular, Vue... even do Elm :slight_smile: If it is SPA and not a simple Razor or fancy Blazor. You can try GRANDstack boilerplate, but replace API module with your .net customization.
My answer is still very cut and abstract without detailed system requrements.

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Mr. Batushkov, thank you very much for your immediate return.
You have perfectly understood my needs.
I will do a project with Asp. Net Web Api Core which will be responsible for delivering a REST API.API consumption will be done in Angular, most likely in version 8.
In my portal, I will have an area with several graphs produced by Neo4j.
I am not a senior professional, but I really want to overcome my limitations and deliver this project with the highest level of professionalism possible.
My doubts were:

  • I was delighted with, where the Platform image is what I want for my project.
    How do I put these graphos on my portal? I know from the example of neo4j for net developers (project 6) I will learn a lot. But is it enough? Where can I find more examples?
  • I will work with the Microsoft Azure platform, so all my systems will be in this cloud.
    You put that I can render graphos using the D3js library, loved the examples of this library, the graphics are beautiful.
    I think now I will need to study, learn and test how to implement all of this.
    If you can help me by indicating any examples or providing any information, thank you very much in advance.
    Big hug from Brazil.
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I am not an experct in this area, but I guess you may step on very hard and long way with d3. It giving quite a low level abstraction, not a trivial usage for first run, most probably a lot of wheels needs to invent, bones to crack.

Maybe it's better (!) based on limited requrements that you have (!) choose an existed solution with graph-features-from-the-box js library that fit your needs. how nodes should interact, clickable, expandable, zoom, how arrows should work, do you expect animations and so on. look at customization examples of visjs:
I am not vote for visjs, just point that any library you choose - graph still harder to deal with compare to chart or table view. Minimize your problems by find an existed solution that fit your needs.
Backend is another story to mention. Once I've tried .net driver + .net GraphQL and got fast but dirty solution. You need to think where to keep cypher queries, how complex they can be and heavy parameterized. Build query using a driver statements, or write Cypher query somewhere between Csharp, or maybe create you own stored proc?

Play with js on server side may open to you a different perspectives of GRANDstack solution.

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Mr. Batushkov, using a typical expression from my country, you are a very bright being.

I also loved Vis (, but I didn't understand where it is more complex than D3.
In any case, much study and much testing will be needed from your information.
As soon as there is news, I will post again.

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