Cost for Neo4J certification t-shirt

I have just passed the neo4j certification program and now I want to order the t-shirt. So I want to know how much could the t-shirt price for shipping to india ?


Congrats!!!! :smile:

We include shipping of the shirt when you get certified. That said, there's a possibility that it is subject to customs Would you be able to let me know how this process went for you? I'd like to make sure it's an easy process for you to get your well deserved shirt.

Thank you first of all.
As soon as I get the t shirt I will tell you.

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Hey sorry for the late reply. I have just forgotten about it. I have received t-shirt on 30th of July. And I do not have to pay any charges for its shipping.
Thank you

Hi Chauhanrutvik99,

I have been charged INR 650 as custom duty for shipping Banglore !!

I am from Gujarat. And I didn't need to pay anything.

hi @karin.wolok , i got certified since February of 2019 , and i dont have received my t-shirt, its possible to buy one?

this is my order confirmation Order Confirmation #2465345 i contact and they said me that they will re send the tshirt but the tshirt never arrived.

Hi! You don't have to purchase it. Let me take a look! If it didn't get to you, I can resend you one.

I'm so sorry about that!

I cleared Neo 4j certification yesterday. I also ordered for t-shirt, but found that the shipper Kortis design has its importing office at China. Please let me know if the product originates from China or is routed through China as the coronavirus impact is ongoining.

Order Confirmation #2765892

If so, please cancel the order. I will reorder again later.