Business-model-canvas and value-proposition-canvas instances evaluated using knowledge base

These are models for evaluating business alternatives and evaluating the effectiveness of business collaborations. Neo4j could provide a knowledge base of intentions and observations, queried for specific impact (positive or negative) against a domain-specific language.

Who cares? There is a community. (Here is one excellent entry point: Just today I noticed two individuals (from the Netherlands) bumping into each other for the first time over the possibilities of graph-based-knowledge as a way to correlate pertinent business information. I see this as an opportunity to build a "super-schema" to extract/evaluate specific-business knowledge from huge steaming piles of data. As y'all neo4j people say, "Consider what questions you want your graph to answer."

I may be missing topics and discussions that address how to construct and use a "super-schema." Someone will give me pointers, I'm sure. If the wider community is working business intelligence apps that are informed by canvas concepts, I believe they are not talking about it openly.

Personally, I have some other things that I want to work on before I get to this topic. When I return to it, my focus will be on how to connect potential canvas users to working examples with dynamic graph elements that make sense in a specific business environment. In the meanwhile, I would be thrilled to connect with like-minded professionals.

Neo4j 4.0 has features that seem dead-crucial to architecting solutions of the sort that interest me, starting with multiple data base collaboration. Any experimentation with the new features would be valuable to see.

There are Intellectual Property Rights to be considered in all of this. Almost certainly an entire knowledge base can be created to observe respect and credit for prior work. I suspect Trust issues are limiting the availability of some excellent work on canvas-related products.