Aspen - a simple language for generating graph data

Have you ever wanted to just write a few sentences about a situation or network of relationships and quickly see a visual representation of the graph?

So have I. So I wrote a small, simple language called Aspen. You can think of it like Markdown, but for Cypher queries instead of HTML.

Basically, Aspen turns this:

(Matt) [knows] (Brianna).

into this:

MERGE (:Person { name: "Matt" })-[:KNOWS]-(:Person { name: "Brianna" })

You can see more about Aspen and where it's heading at

Part of why I'm posting here is because I want to understand whether folks would be interested in using Aspen. I'm going to use it for personal projects, but should I continue to invest in it for the benefit of the larger Neo4j community?

So I'm curious—would you use this? Why or why not? I'd love to know your thoughts on it.


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